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Mater Dei Child Care Center

More than just Child Care

911 SW Clay St. Topeka, KS 66606

Hours: 6:30 am—6:00 pm

785) 232-1603

For more information email us:

Child Care Programs


At 12 months and taking their first step, children can join our toddler program. One teacher and five children make up primary care groups that help youngsters sail through age two. This age is all about having fun while developing independ-ence, control of their bodies, language and social interaction skills.


Our 3- and 4-year-olds are full of imagination, creativity and responsibility. As they form friend-ships and develop conflict resolution skills, they also focus on early literacy and pre-math skills.

By age 5, 100% of our preschoolers are fully ready to succeed in kindergarten. They attend Pre-K at Mater Dei School four mornings weekly.

School Age

All day care on school days out and vacation days accepts kindergartners through 11 years of age.

Our School Age Summer Program includes: sports, field trips and challenging activities so the learning doesn’t stop when the school year ends.